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Nigerians need 1000pcs of whatever your selling
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Subject: Ebay..bots?
So the other day i decided to try and sell my old SLR, and on the second day of the auction i get an email saying that someone has clicked the 'Buy now' button which had me pretty excited *yay! money for me!*
Her name was Lucy Ken and lived in Tacoma Northern Territory.
So I send her a message thanking her and asking what payment method she preferred and where she would like the item sent.
This is what i got back:(this is exactly how the email looked)
Hello Seller, I am a business woman that travels round for
my business but suddenly i was contacted that i will be
a huge contract with the state Governments of Nigeria ,so i
need your item for just sample to send to them and after
winning of
the contract  i will be needing 1000pcs but if you cant get
me the
1000pics i dont mind but i will be willing to make payment
if you
can send me the item for sample.I might not be checking my
often so i will be offering AU $400.00  for  total
cost with insurance to Nigeria and my mode of payment is by
Paypal,Bank transfer or Postal order. Here is my
shipping address:
Nnamdi Nzeh
40 Ibidun street off ojuelegba road,
Surulere,Lagos state.
Nigeria 23401.

wait..what? Bots on my ebay?
Anyway, just to make sure it was a bot i responded saying that i would only post within Australia (as i had mentioned in my listing) and whether they would like to continue with the transaction.
I also had a good look at her(its?) profile only to notice her supposed address:
lucy ken
271 west lane
tacoma, Northern Territory 2631

well..turns out Tacoma is in NSW and 2631 is Holts Flat, NSW and she had joined ebay just a few minutes before purchasing my item.
Then i went to bed.
This morning i woke to find 2 emails from ebay.
We have recently cancelled bids for lucy_ken_1131 due to our inability to confirm their contact information and/or their failure to complete recent transactions. The buyer's privileges on eBay have been temporarily suspended while we investigate this matter further.

Our records indicate that this buyer recently attempted to complete a transaction with you. Since the buyer is not currently registered on the eBay site, you may consider the transaction invalid.

If you have already shipped the item, eBay recommends taking the following steps:

1. Contact the company that the buyer used to send payment in order to verify whether or not the funds have cleared.

2. Contact law enforcement in the area where the buyer lives. Be as specific as possible by providing names, addresses, phone numbers and any other information you may have about them. If someone is assigned to your case, let them know they can contact eBay for assistance in their investigation.

3. Contact the shipping carrier to determine whether or not it may be possible to stop the delivery of the package.

4. If you are unable to receive funds for this sale, you can request a Final Value Fees credit, provided it's less than 45 days since the auction ended. To find out more and complete the form, go to:

Thank you for your cooperation.


eBay International AG

Thanks for your swift response i want you to know that i want the item to be posted to Nigeria because of the contract i am after.
So i want you to get back to me with the total postage cost to Nigeria and your bank details so that i will make arrangement for your payment.
I await your swift response.
Thanks and God bless.


  <_< insistent bot..
so i sent a short and polite email back which can be summarized as: stop wasting my time not GTFO. (but in nice words..) and re listed my item, which ebay tried to charge me for  :nuts:
Anywho all sorted now and hopefully all will go well this time.
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Fantastic use of the WTF blocks, yay!

Yeah, ebay/nigeria scams are very, very common.  They'll typically offer WAY more than the going rate and try to hit you with fake money orders, hoping you won't realize you got screwed until after you send the gear.
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So any suggestions on how to stop it? it seems to be happening again, germany this time...
this time i sent the person an email in german...lets see if its a bilingual bot... :-p
“Be conservative in what you do; be liberal in what you accept from others.” J. Postel
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