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from the whoah, deja-vu department...
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Subject: EA wants another 3DO
This from

EA's Gerhard Florin has said he wants to see one single gaming platform rather than a handful of incompatible consoles.

This sounds shockingly like an idea from Trip Hawkins, CEO of EA in the early 1990's.  He went on to create the 3DO, a machine manufactured by several companies (Panasonic, Sanyo and Goldstar).  The concept was similar: one platform for easy development, no more developing for radically different platforms like they do now. 

The 3DO failed for several reasons, but a big problem was the hardware manufacturer's inability to profit from the sale of software.  Normally console manufacturers charge a license fee before games can be released on their hardware: Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Microsoft, they all do it.  It's the razor-blade philosphy: sell the machine cheap, make money on the blades (games).

When the hardware is suddenly an open platform there is no more money for the manufacturer, so they won't sell it at a loss to move units (as is the current standard) and they won't drop the price as fast year on year.

So what's changed?  Why is EA essentially calling for a repeat of recent history?

Bottom line is the world's largest game publisher is whinging that making tons of money is too hard.  It's hard to feel sympathy.
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This is not news. People are taking a casual, careless statement and making all sorts of sturm und drang over it. That's not to say that EA doesn't want to dominate the market illegally, it's just not new information. Also, I don't believe that Electronic Arts is nearly as influential as everyone thinks they are, in spite of the sales numbers. This will blow over and the Japanese console manufacturers will continue to operate as they have.
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