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Subject: Juggling!
Well, because Josh was awesome enough to be able to pick up juggling at work, I decided I'd give it more of a chance.

I'd tried in the past, in my own 'pick something up and give it a whurl' way, but wanted to learn properly this time. So I found a site on the net, my Dad's juggling ball set, and set to work.

Progressed from single ball, to double, trying to get my hand placement and toss right. Then went to three balls. With about half an hour's practice tonight I'm doing about 3x the revolutions I was doing before! It's great fun.

Just thought I'd put this here, and ask if there's other things like this that other people enjoy doing?

I also like yo-ho diablo, and poi. :)
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Juggling?  Man, I can't juggle for shit.  I've tried it.  I can handle one ball, like a PRO.  Two balls, with a few failures, wouldn't want to do it with eggs...  Three balls is just asking for trouble, and trouble is what I usually get.
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Clubs are fun, I can do two pretty fluently, working on three.

Having proper juggling balls helps a lot when learning too!
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