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Subject: Worst day in recent memory
So yesterday I was told by the APA that not only did they not appreciate any of the work I've done for the Brisbane scene but that they were moving on without any input from me (fair enough) but that my attempts to bridge the gap between pkaus and the APA were not only unwanted but laughable.

So last night was pretty unhappy, and today was made all the better by Michelle - a girl with whom I share an office at work - being a right cunt and badmouthing everything (she's looking for another job and has ceased showing up for work on time and does not feel she needs to be civil in work discussions).  I was so pissed off by yesterday and her behaviour this morning that, when she decided to eat an entire bag of chips with her mouth open and going <huh><ahuh><heh><crunch><slurp><smack> as she read her FaceBook pages that I was near to apolplexy.

The only good thing I can say about her right now is that her short dumpy body will be easy to bury.

I was so livid that I took my lunch break and, while backing up the car, had to concentrate on driving slowly and not hitting the sides of the narrow carport where I park.  So I was paying attention to the nose of the car and heard a strange sound: I was scraping the rear of my car against the wall of the carport.

My blood pressure must be off the charts.
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