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Had to start somewhere right?
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Subject: My earliest influences
I started out, as many of us I suppose did, listening to the music my parents liked.  I had no older siblings who would lead the way, so I grew up listening to Fleetwood Mac, the Beach Boys, and Kenny Rogers.  Around Grade 4 - I'd have been 9 by this time - I became aware of commercial music.  MTV was brand new, but in Northern Canada we got Much Music instead, a weaker version of the same that was still doing music long after MTV started giving it up.

This is when I discovered my first music tastes outside the house: Def Leppard, and Quiet Riot were the first things I recall liking.  There were others, but when Def Leppard's Pyromania came out I was hooked.  If memory serves it was the first album I ever bought.

Other tastes of the era were Billy Idol, Hewey Luis and the News, and Ratt.  I really liked Ratt, but wow, I sure can't stand to listen to most of their stuff now.

I guess it's easy to see how I drifted into the heavier stuff with origins like this, eh?  =)

Where did you start?
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Well, I've always loved music too. Grew up singing along to many different things.
My parents listened to the Beatles, Queen, Dire Straits etc. so I grew up with that.
I drifted into pop music in primary school, when the Spice Girls were hot stuff. The first CD i bought was a crappy pop band thing called Bewitched. They were built for 9 year olds, so no wonder we all thought they were cool.

My music tastes went into Savage Garden and stuff after that, I listened to the Hot 30 (which is still shit, only now i know it).

My change in taste started when I bought the Matrix CD I think. I really enjoyed the music on it, and thought it was pretty cool. Didn't think that heavy stuff was that good though.

I then got into Greenday, and the Living End in college with my friend. I also started listening to Queen and Deep purple more around this time. Then came Eskimo Joe. I still love all those bands.

Then I started getting more music from friends. One friend I got music from got me a lot of more alternative music. Some cool stuff, some crap stuff. Then another friend got me some more stuff, including Coheed and Cambria, Lucky Boys Confusion, BT, Pendulum, AFI, Brisk. Tons of stuff.

Then I met Josh, and my music taste took a bigger step. He's really into heavy stuff, and I have always liked it, but never really listened to it much. So when I started getting into it more I redefined my music taste to heavy stuff.

So he got me listening to Disturbed first, then Stained. When he realised that I liked the heavier stuff too it got into Killswitch Engage, Static X, Rammstein, Callenish Circle, Kamelot, Nightwish, Dark Tranquility, Soilwork, Disarmonia Mundi, Breaking Benjamin, Parkway Drive, Scar Symmetry (I think I may have forgotten some but you get the idea)

So now I like heavy stuff. My family wasn't too keen at first, but I think they're more used to it now.
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