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Subject: Things I learned from my dad
I was talking to my dad this morning about random stuff and the conversation turned to women, and we discussed how Canadian women are more agreeable than Australian women.  I've never found either group to be particularly hard to deal with, but I did agree that Australian women are more strident in their objections about, well, everything.  Probalby comes from having to deal with Australian men, who are mostly all idiots.

Anyway, he related a story from my the 70s where, during a dinner event of some sort, he was being harangued by the wife someone he knew about his chauvinist attitudes and general assholery.  Now, if you know my dad, this is obviously a misguided accusation: he's always been a beacon of even-handedness as far as I know, very progressive when it comes to equality of any sort.

Anyway, they were at a buffet restaurant and had gotten up to fill their plates, and he manouvered his way in front of this woman in the line.  She started tearing a strip off him again and he looked her in the eye and says "What?  I treated you the way I'd treat anyone.  You wanted equality, well you got it."

Everyone laughed, her husband behind her in the line laughed louder than anyone, and the woman was - as you might expect - furious.  Sitting down a little later my mom said "I thought she was going to hit you!" and my dad, heart still pumping from the confrontation, confided "So did I."

Everything I am is from my father.  I could hardly ask for better.  =)
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