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Subject: Doomsday: a review
I don't watch a lot of movies, and of those I deign to watch I don't always get to the end.  My friend Steempy thinks this is some sort of failing, that by having not watched Bumfuck Shithouse Movie Pt. 3 I'm less of a person, but I'm happy with my movie experiences so far.

[Image: /grafx/Movies/Doomsday1.jpg]

Steempy's always telling me to watch one movie or other, but his tastes are not always the same as mine.  In fact, his tastes could charitably be described as utter rubbish.  It was a surprise, then, when one of his recommendations turned out not to suck.

[Image: /grafx/Movies/Doomsday2.jpg]

Doomsday is a movie that does not take itself seriously.  Well, it sort of does: from the start you're led to believe the movie is about a plague, and a girl, a wall, and some bleak future England where - sealed from the world - people are trying to get on with their lives.

[Image: /grafx/Movies/Doomsday4.jpg]

And for a while you wouldn't be far wrong to believe the movie when it suggests exactly this. 

[Image: /grafx/Movies/Doomsday5.jpg]

Then, suddenly, your conclusions are rather gleefully abused until they're exposed as the completely wrong-headed craziness they are.

[Image: /grafx/Movies/Doomsday6.jpg]

Halfway into the movie pretty much everyone dies, and it's a Resident Evil movie with things jumping out at our heroes every six seconds and something exploding in a fireball every fifteen.

[Image: /grafx/Movies/Doomsday7.jpg]

Then it's Mad Max-athon, with a post-apocalyptic society that eats the strangers unlucky enough to get caught.  It sticks with the Mad Max theme for a while, with all the black leather, spikes and mohawks that entails, and then it takes another fucking right turn and, literally after stepping through a door, it's Lord of the Fucking Rings.  It's King Fucking Arthur and his Scottish Fucking Castle, complete with a goddamned falcon on a goddamned perch.

[Image: /grafx/Movies/Doomsday8.jpg]

There's a short trip to Gladiator-town, and then it's contemporary England for a short while as a brand new Bentley and curiously fresh gasoline are combined for a quick return to Mad Max-ville and a car chase or three...

[Image: /grafx/Movies/Doomsday9.jpg]

Well fuck, this movie's just plain AWESOME isn't it?

[Image: /grafx/Movies/Doomsdaya.jpg]

And damned if the director doesn't just love his light-streaming-through-things effects: there's like 20 of them in this movie, and they're all AWESOME.

[Image: /grafx/Movies/Doomsdayb.jpg]

The only thing that wasn't AWESOME about this movie was the fight scenes with bullshit rapid-fire editing so you couldn't tell WTF was going on. 

[Image: /grafx/Movies/Doomsdayc.jpg]

I gotta give this movie a solid thumbs up: check your brain at the door and enjoy the ride.

[Image: /grafx/Movies/Doomsdayd.jpg]

Score one for Steempy.

[Image: /grafx/Movies/Doomsdaye.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/Movies/Doomsdayf.jpg]
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'If you'er hungry; Try a piece of your friend!'
lol lol lol lol
This is indeed a rather amusing movie, though unlike NFG I didn't get the Thunderdome vibe so much, more KKND II Krossfire, humans vs. mutants/survivors (whatever they are called in English, I played it in German), I mean the weapons and all where just like in the game! Crazy Mohawks and all..

All in all a wild ride through someones very warped mind :)
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