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Subject: Australia: Afraid of plastic guns
True story: A friend of mine shipped me an airsoft pistol from Korea.  Customs seized it at the border, along with 2000 plastic pellets, and shipped me a little receipt saying "tough beans" along with instructions for reclaiming it.

Basically, in order to get my gun back, I had to have it registered as a legal firearm (never mind that it doesn't FIRE).  I asked how it was accomplished, and they process was simple: Take the gun's registration number, and have it approved by the relevent authority.  The problem was, the gun had no registration number.  It was a fancy loophole: I couldn't register it without the number, and it wasn't a firearm without a number.

So, I couldn't register the firearm that didn't qualify as a firearm in the first place.  Idiots.

They missed about 12 little plastic balls, which were rattling around in the box.  I Asked the guy "How should I dispose of this ammunition?"

"Just throw it out," he says.

"But I couldn't possibly," I argued back.  "This is ammunition for a dangerous, illegal weapon!"

"..."  You could practically hear him thinking WTF.

"What should I do?  Is there an approved disposal procedure?  Should I take it to a police station?"

"I guess you'd better mail it back to us."

"Will the post office allow me to ship dangerous ammunition?  Do I need a permit?"

"Look, they're just plastic balls, it doesn't matter!"

"Yeah, but you're telling me they're suddenly super dangerous when they're flung out of a plastic toy gun!  So dangerous I'm not allowed to own the plastic gun!"

He hung up on me.
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