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Subject: Looking at a new car...
So I popped into Cartwright today while down the Gold Coast.  They had a red 197 on display, and I tell ya, it was sweet, sweet candy.  Everything about the cockpit was pure sex, falling close to hand and feeling good.  The steering wheel was massive and even the cute stubby knobs on either side were fun to fondle.

I asked about trading in my 2005 225, and the number bandied about was full-on depressing.

But I gave it a thorough investigation, and these are the things I'd miss if I did go the Clio:

1. No spare tire
2. No auto-dimming rear-view mirror
3. Useless drink holders, no centre storage between seats, no under-floor storage
4. Can't raise the wiper without opening the hood, wot?  That's annoying.
5. Strange middle-person seat-belt assembly in the back
6. No Throbbing turbo power
7. Rear windows don't open.

In fact, it's missing a HUGE number of things I really like about the 225.  While the quality seems higher it's practically devoid of the creature comforts that have made me fat and lazy in 3 years of driving the 225.

[Image: /grafx/Clio197.png]

But wow, does it look the business, eh?  Naturally I'd get it in blue...  Fantastic good looks, and it feels so much more comfortable than the 225.  My last Renault was an '89 5 GTE, and I think it's the best car I've ever driven.  The 197 felt like that: made for me, like a custom-made glove sewn from the softest, happiest cows.

So maybe, just maybe I've got a Megane for sale.  <ponder>
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