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Subject: On tiny D-pads
The Gamecube pad as a whole is sublime.  It's very well constructed, has a unique and thoughtful layout, and fantastic tactile response, but the d-pad doesn't get much love. 

Most of the complaints maintain that the d-pad is too small.  It is identical, however, to the GameBoy Advance pad, and only about 0.3mm smaller than the DS pad.  Neither of these garners the same range of complaint as the GameCube pad...  I wonder if the whingers realize this?


What's the big deal, eh?
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I realize it, and I don't blame the d-pad directly.  I think it's a design failure.

The d-pad is consumed by this goofy concave pit, where the handhelds you are comparing it to have flat surfaces.

The position/size choice for the d-pad also seems detrimental.  Would it be so difficult to hit your desired direction if your thumb naturally fell onto it?  This works for the 360 because the d-pad is larger, so it's easier to work with (that is, if its design weren't flawed to begin with).
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Funny you should include the DS lite's d-pad.  IMHO probably one of the worst d-pads on handhelds.
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In reply to post #1
it really is the concave of the controller that makes it bad, without it, it would be less bad, but I still prefer a big dpad like on the wii classic controller.
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