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Subject: Google launches Chrome browser
So Google's launched a web browser of their very own.  Sort of.  They've based it on WebKit, a rendering engine launched on Linux and taken up by Apple, so saying Google has written their own browser is a bit incorrect.  As an analogy, it's as if Google launched a new car, but based it on a Toyota Corolla.

Anyway, I tried it.

It's smooth, it's slick, it's fast, but that's because it's basically feature-free.  It has almost no configuration options and so few power-user features the count might as well be zero.  It's quite simple to make a fast and clean application if it doesn't do anything.

Now, it's no secret I'm an Opera fan.  I even have a blog on Opera's social/blogging site.  The company does things I like, and makes a product which is world-leading.

What I find surprising is that most sites covering the launch of Google's new browser are focusing on how it's going to be trouble for Mozilla/Firefox, above all other angles.  My concern is more about how it will affect Opera, but a bigger concern for me is why.

Quote by NFG's Opera Blog:
I can't help but wonder why Google thought it would be easier to create their own browser than work with the browsers already out there. Opera's standards-compliant, but lots of Google's pages work poorly with it, and they're typically not interested in fixing it.

So, if they can't be bothered to fix their pages, what on earth makes them trustworthy enough to design the whole browser?
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