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Subject: Crazy: Saturn pad for playstation sells for $70
Not too long ago Capcom released a Vampire Savior / Darkstalkers collection for the PS2 in Japan, and Sega Logistics whipped up a sexy purple Saturn pad to go along with it.  Playing a Capcom fighter on the Sony PS2 with a Sega Saturn pad is something out of the fevered dreams of fanboys, but it was reality.

And it was short-lived: the bundle was quickly sold out and Sega never made more of the pads.  Once SegaDirect closed up there was no more hope for a replacement either, really.

So you might imagine the little purple pads have a bit of collector value, and you'd be right.  One sold on Yahoo Auctions in Japan for 7,250 yen a couple of days ago.

Holy shit, I mean...  It's a great controller, but wow.  Buy a decent stick for half the price!  =D

Here's the auction.

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As I recall, this pad came with some bonus omake tchotchkies that made it appealing to Darkstalker fanboys. Ah yes, a set of sexy trading cards. Here's a link with the details:

I'm sure that the winning bidder was after the swag and not the pad. All the same, I regret not picking one up at the time.

Apropos of nothing, I don't like NCS's new store format. I know it's better technology, but I miss their old static HTML pages and clunky PHP ordering system.
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Subject: Bootlegs on eBay
Hehe... found via, ordered via eBay.

Seems some Chinese bootleggers thought that they could quickly make some Saturn pads for PC.
Little did they know how popular they would become after it was discovered that:
-The pads are as perfect as the originals.
-They work on PS3.

Got 2 on the way for myself, but mmmh-hmmm I bet you like the sound of that.

Oh, and it's like 40$ for 2 of them, including shipping to US.
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That's fantastic! I wish I knew of that Controller! I looked up recently the ASCII Fighting Pads for the Dreamcast (which I own 2 of, as well as the 2 SNK vs Capcom versions) and people are selling them for $79-149 dollars?! Great pad... but WHAT?!
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