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Also stabs four-thirds in the face
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Subject: Panasonic announces new R-less DSLR
Panasonic just announced their new super-tiny interchangable-lens camera, the DMC-G1.  Where Olympus, Panasonic and Leica got together a few years ago to create the new four-thirds system (a compatible family of cameras and lenses) Panasonic - probably annoyed by their lack of DSLR success - stabbed every other four-thirds company in the face with this camera. 

So basically Panasonic said "Fuck you" to Oly and Leica, created a whole new system, then threw them a little bone in the shape of an adaptor to use the existing four-thirds lenses.  Sort of - only three each of Olympus' and Panasonic's lenses will work, since the rest don't understand the new focus system.  Oops.

Gossip aside...  I like the idea of the new system: A smaller camera with interchangeable lenses is a fantastic idea.  It's like Leica's M8, the overpriced digital metal monster, but with auto-focus and less of the annoying purist/artist baggage it comes with.

I don't like the lack of a real man's auto-focus: unlike DSLRs with their dedicated focus sensors (which require a mirror like the one the DMC-g1 doesn't have) this new camera uses contrast-dectection.  Basically, the power-sucking sensor's on all the time when you're focusing.  While this is apparently faster than most other PHD (push here, dummy) cameras and as fast as low-end DSLRs, I'm not a fan.

Also, it has an electronic viewfinder.  That means there's a little power-sucking screen inside, 'cause without a mirror they couldn't bounce the image straight into your pretty little eyes.

And come on, guys!  We want BIGGER sensors, not smaller ones!  Four-thirds was already too small.  And not enough damned lenses - Panasonic's only got five lenses planned...

Now, where was I...  Oh, right, the recap:

+ Cute little camera, cute little lenses
+ Interchangable lenses on a PHD camera
- Screwing Olympus and Leica, and their nascent four-thirds system
- Contrast-detect focus
- Electronic viewfinder
- Tiny sensor
- Few compatible lenses

I like tiny new things, especially in sexy red and blue colours. I don't like excessive compromises.  I give this 7.5 Mutrons out of 10.
[Image: /grafx/7.5_mutrons.png]
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