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Subject: Encouraging the Wrong Behavior
A truck driver in Japan stopped to help two women who had rolled their car.  While assisting them, he was struck by another car and killed.  The Japanese authorities tried to get out of paying the truck driver's wife any compensation, claiming he was no longer working the instant he stopped the truck to do something else.

There's a certain logic to that, but I have to wonder: Did anyone stop to wonder if they were encouraging a society where people refused to help others for financial reasons?

Happily, the Nagoya district court granted her request after three government agencies turned her down.
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In Australia if you are injured in the process of helping someone you can take the person you where helping to court; Though this does not happen too often as Australia has a cap on the amount that can be paid out so most people don't bother.

Interestingly enough if you help someone and something goes wrong they can also sue you, but in most cases you are then covered by the 'good Samaritan' law.
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