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Somewhere near Bungendore just off Stockyard road...
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Subject: Alpaca shearing
So my family being the random bunch they are we went to shear some Alpacas, which in itself is a pretty awesome experience only compounded by the wonderfully exciting new camera I had just acquired.
The K20D performed beautifully, its such a big change from the G9, so much faster and more responsive and I have had to re-learn to actually use a light meter as the K20D does not conveniently adjust the view screen to an approximation of your current exposure settings, I ended up taking about 250 photos while trying to continue doing my job of off lifting Alpacas onto and off the shearing tables (they kick hard!)...this camera just gets more and more fun..and now that I'm back in Bendigo I also have all my lenses..let the fun begin! (or continue..either way!!)
So without too much jacking are some highlights.

*photos no longer on the tubes*

but soem can be found here
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You know what's better than having a new camera and taking pics of shit?

Doing fun stuff and sharing the photos of your adventures.

Great post.  I look forward to more.
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