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Subject: I've been in Australia too long
The first thing I thought when the rain came down hard last night was Woohoo, I can wash the car!

So at 9pm I set up all my gear, filled two buckets with runoff from the roof, and gave the blue beauty a good washing.  I got totally soaked, but it was worth it - a free pre- and post-rinse.  It's been months since the last clean, and it made me sad to see the poor thing so grotty.

Definitely been in Australia too long.  =D
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I think you need to just stop caring about your car so much ;)

And I don't think you can ever be in Australia for too long, it is awesome here.
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Can certainly be in Tasmania for too long...
Not Tasmanian
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I agree with Hef in that you can't be in a place like Australia for too long.
You can, however, not be somewhere like Canada for too long.
Guess where I want to go back to  :-(
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i say you can be in Australia too long..but thats just me, if im anywhere for more than a couple of years..its tooo long. time for something new!

you wash your car??!! i haven't washed mine since i bought it 2 years ago!  :-D  (probably should though, the spiders in my side mirrors make it hard to see sometimes..
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