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Subject: Red's new camera: revealed!
So RED, the company that revolutionized the filmmaking industry with their sub-billion-dollar digital video camera, has released details of their completely modulare video and still-camera system.  You might remember I mentioned it earlier.

You can get it in all kinds of sensor sizes, resolutions, framerates, and you can even swap the lens mounts, and shoot Canon or Nikon as the urge strikes.

[Image: /grafx/photos/RedCam1.jpg]

I mean, jeez...  That's pretty awesome, but with the price starting at $12k and easily hitting $55k...  Well shit, this kind of flexibility ain't gonna be cheap.

I've been thinking for years that modular's the way to go: the idea of replacing the entire camera just 'cause there's a new sensor available is ludicrous, so now...  Well shit, check it out.

They even show two units mounted side by side for the ultimate in binocular 3D-o-vision.  Fuck me.

And for crying out loud, do we really need a 186x56mm sensor?  That's MASSIVE, about six times larger than 35mm film!

Fucking unbelievable.
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