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WonderBoy Monster Land, and Fantasy Zone
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Subject: Two new old albums from Sega
Sega, completely out of new ideas for some time now, dredged up some old tunes from the archives and released them on two CDs recently.  Available only in Japan from Sega's online shop, these two new albums are interesting to me for two reasons, one each.

WonderBoy / Monster Land (which you might remember from such threads as MW IV, MW III and WB 3) all had better art than this new cover.  It looks nice at first glance, but this is a bit like discovering someone's released a DVD of your favourite old shows, and put different actors on the cover.  They don't quite capture the old players, not at all.

[Image: /grafx/games/monsterworldalbum.jpg]

It features soundtracks from:
『ワンダーボーイ モンスターランド』 - Wonder Boy Monster Land Arcade
『モンスターワールドII ドラゴンの罠』 - Monster World II GameGear
『モンスターワールドII』 - Monster World II Master System FM Version
『ワンダーボーイV モンスターワールドIII』 - Wonder Boy V Monster World III MegaDrive
『モンスターワールドIV』 - Monster World IV MegaDrive

The next is Fantasy Zone (mentioned once here), which is normally not a game I'm keen on, but which includes the single greatest album title EVER:

ファンタジーゾーン ウルトラスーパービッグマキシムグレートストロング・コンプリートアルバム
Fantasy Zone - Ultra Super Big Maxim Great Strong - Complete Album

[Image: /grafx/games/fantazyzonealbum.jpg]

Included on this album:
『ファンタジーゾーン』、『ファンタジーゾーンII オパオパの涙』、『ファンタジーゾーンギア オパオパJr.の冒険』

That's Fantasy Zone, Fantasy Zone II: Tears of OpaOpa, Fantasy Zone Gear: OpaOpa Jr's Adventure, Super Fantasy Zone, OpaOpa, Galactic Protector, Fantasy Zone II (System 16 Version (new)).

You can click the images for links to Sega's site if you like. 

Also, while writing this post, I found someone had been messing with Google Translate's 'suggest a better translation' option (how else would 'fantasy zone' translate to 'double dragon'???:

[Image: /grafx/games/fantasydragon.png]
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