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Subject: More fascinating Japanese figures
I just love this stuff.  There's so much of it out there too, I'll never run out!

What's this one all about?  I have no idea.  It's...  A sheep?

[Image: /grafx/toys/HOB-FIG-4195B_12.jpg]

More pics of sheep...

This one's really nifty: how can you not love a girl on a scooter?

[Image: /grafx/toys/HOB-FIG-4197_09.jpg]

More scootergirl...

I don't know what this guy's all about.      King Gainer's his name, and...  Being awesomely posable and looking great is his game:

[Image: /grafx/toys/GDS-4803B_02.jpg]

More King Gainer

Now, I don't know what's up with this one.  Why's this girl pulling her shorts down?  I dunno!  Why's her jacket wide open, sans shirt and bra?  I dunno!

But I TOTALLY dig that handbag!

[Image: /grafx/toys/HOB-FIG-4823_01.jpg]

More handbag!

OK, now how tragic is this?  While the picture original might have been just groovy, the resulting real-world product is a bit...  Well...  Sucktacular.  What's with that tit on the left?  Eew. 

[Image: /grafx/toys/GDS-8749_02.jpg]

More pillow pics.
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