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November 21, 2002
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Subject: Updates!
Here's what's been going on lately:

       1. Fixed an error on the NEO GEO Controller page regarding +5v and common lines.

       2. Been working on a half dozen projects:
 SGX in TE  On Hold - I took a break making the schematic and lost my place, I hate starting over.  Also the thought of a mod with 200+ wires to solder kinda makes me tired just thinking about it. 
 GBA in SuperGB  On Hold - The idea of a GBA + TV adaptor inside a SNESjr was a really good one, except I'm up against physical contraints and I'm not sure how I will resolve them.  WIP pics:  one, two, three  
 Ultimate Joystick  On Hold - I can't drill holes in a nicely spaced straight line, so there's no easy way to add AV outputs.  I think I have a solution, and will work on it this week.  Still need a way to mount the top panel so it can be opened from above. 
 Power LEDs  In Progress - I've mastered Ohm's Law (or parts thereof) and have been shoving power LEDs into devices that didn't have them before, like the 32X and CoreGrafx.  Expect a detailed tutorial on resistors and LEDs this week! 
 Twinsticks NEO  Finished - Converted a set of Dreamcast VirtualOn Twinsticks to run through a NEO pinout, and into a NEO -> USB adaptor, so I can play tank-style games on the PC. 
 NEO to USB  Finished - gutted a USB pad and gave it a NEO input connector so I can use all my mangled controllers on the PC more easily.
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