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Let's do the meet and greet!
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Subject: Introductions
Well I thought it would be nice to start actually knowing who the people are who use this forum. I've met a few of them, and it would be great to know the rest a bit better!!

So I'm Heather, but my nickname's Heffer and people call me either that or Hef. And yes, I know it's kind of like the term for a female cow, that's the point. I'm still not quite sure how I got it, but it's stuck.
I'm 19, and live in Canberra. I'm at the University of Canberra, almost finished my second year of a Science degree where I'm majouring in Human Biology. It's challenging but I really love it.
I do parkour and Orienteering as my main sports and love them to bits. Now that I'm over injuries and sickness I'm starting up training agian so I can try and make it into the junior world orienteering team next year to hopefully go to Sweden!
I'm also interested in photography, and have a DSLR, and a bunch of lenses that my Dad had sitting around. I love drawing too, and have a tablet!! (I'm lucky ^_^) Other things I like doing in my spare time are playing piano, reading, and learning how to spin fire poi.

I met NFG (thought I'd mention him just to give him a little boost for the day .... oh and he made the forum of course...) through parkour when I asked him some questions about his photography shots. Now I tend to annoy him on a more regular basis. It's good fun.
And finally there's my boyfriend Josh, who takes up a lot of my time, and I love that. Met him through parkour too (a lot of my friends are connected to parkour these days  :-D ) and we've been together for 10 months. It's awesome.

Well, that's a pretty average introduction. I hope that others aren't too bored to not post.

Now just for some humour.... here's a really terrible tattoo.
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well..i think heather is bored..but ill join in (since I'm procrastinating and all).
also I'm gonna do this point form..other wise its gonna take to long..
the story so far:
- born Germany
- Austrian though
- grew up in colombia
- did high school in canberra
- moved to Bendigo for uni (environmental education/outdoor education)
- got bored took a year of to live with my sister in Brisbane
- met pk guys
- Lawrence showed up and started stalking us
- i moved back to Bendigo to finish my course

random facts:
- have a girlfriend who is currently residing in japan, which is great cause it means i get to go there!
- Lawrence is not as creepy as he would like you to believe..
- i climb stuff for a living
- chocolate is awesome
- i just partially sub-luxated by right shoulder while hand walking at hurts..

and I'm spent!
“Be conservative in what you do; be liberal in what you accept from others.” J. Postel
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Well since no one on this forum is likely to know the first thing about me...

Born in Vancouver, father was Australian, so I have dual citizenship.
Spent most of my life in BC, either down south or in the frozen northern wastes.
5 years in Japan, until 2005, when I moved to Brisbane.

Random facts:
I've owned a game store, published a magazine, produced a porn movie.
I've had articles written about me in newspapers, I've been interviewed on TV, I can juggle one beanbag at a time.
Junpei is incorrect: I am far more creepy than he believes.
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hey hey hey
My name is Brett Spulak, I is 16 years old, I live in a little place called Cooma, I know NFG and Hef through parkour which is a maaasive interest of mine. Other interests include:
Fire Poi
unanswerable questions (why are we here, whats out there etc.)
Music of all varieties (except country...*shudder*)
Longboard skating

I think thats aboot it eh.
Take care everyone,

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User title: Dreaming of a 40D
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I'm Klips, as you may have guessed. I'm heavily opinionated, will not shut up if I don't want to and know that I'm a pain in the arse a lot of the time. I will abuse you based on your brand of camera, computer, skateboard or religion as I see fit. If I've never met you in the flesh then I'm likely to be nicer to you than those I have met, but only until I fell you're ready to cop as much as everyone else. Somehow, despite all this, I think I can call a few people on here friends, a fact which rarely ceases to amaze me.
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Hey all, I'm Josh. I was born in Manly, Sydney and have since moved around a lot (due to fathers work) seeing places ranging from Byron Bay to Newcastle. I finally ended up here in Canberra, which is a beautiful city and am greatful to have landed in such a nice place to settle.

I'm proud to be among the first Canberran traceuers and its been great watching the scene grow, and in the process, making all the wonderful friends that the scene here consists of today, up to and very much including meeting my wonderful girlfriend! How i owe PK! :-D

Facts =

- Sleep on the floor
- Heavy music is the go
- Friends with Klips
- Currently 19
- Did Tae Kwon Do for something around 8 or 9 years
- Have about 4 years gymnastics exp.
- Canberra Parkour Represent!
- Have high fived NFG
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User title: 21st century digital boy
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Oh, I might as well.

I'm your average mid-20s single guy living the sweet life in Cambridge, UK. Born and raised in southern Germany, then moved here in July 2006 for a job.

I am a:
- Double dropout
- Suicidal bicyclist
- Terrible melodeath/folk metal/punk rock whore who also likes various electronica
- Lazy bum

I enjoy:
- giving myself whiplash and various other strain injuries in mosh- or jigpits (preferably the cuddly types)
- baking bread at 3am
- cooking in general (although I usually can't be arsed to do it just for myself)
- sleeping until 4pm on days off
- wearing T-Shirts with WITTY SLOGANS that take the piss out of myself
- subjecting myself and my friends to b-movies (Troma, Hong Kong Fantasy stuff and other terribleness)

- I have not high-fived NFG.
- It is however on my to-do list.
"Hell is a pretty rotten place. Not only is it damn hot, but its inhabitants also have a rather deranged sense of humour." (R. Karsmakers)
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