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Subject: Cavalcade of Clusterfuckery
A municipal government in Shandong province in China is sending old whining folk to mental hospitals where they're doped up until they agree to stop complaining about things as silly as getting fucked by the local mining company.

Quote by The Article:
However, Sun and 300 other families say that they have never seen the money. The village officials have a document with Sun's signature and say that he has already received the money. Sun argues that the document is counterfeit.


He was sent to a mental hospital where he was force-fed drugs and received intravenous treatment. Sun was discharged about three months later after promising that he would never petition again.

It gets better: The city complained about the costs of sending the old bastards to Beijing in order to air their complaints, hence the hospital visits.  But then the hospital administrators are complaining that they don't get paid by the city (who sent the old folks who complained about not getting paid by the mining company) 'cause it didn't want to pay to, you know, let them complain properly.

And where do you send the guys who run the hospital when they complain??  To the coal mines, I say!

I guess there's a happy ending though: the city government used to get bitched at by the higher authorities for haivng too many complaints in their area, but now they're getting rewards for having a safe (and complaint-free) region.  And, of course, free drugs for the whiners.

Cavalcade of Clusterfuckery indeed.
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