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What do you mean by chipped? I'm safely assuming mine isn't ;)
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Chipped in terms of being able to play out-of-your-region games, or burnt games, things like those.

Criminals have them ;-) (not really)
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Yeah, uh, playing imported games isn't illegal in any country I can think of.  Price-fixing is a worse crime than importing ever could be.
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Without wishing to highjack this thread too much (and surprised at how far Turok has come, without making any real progress at all) is there a Wii chip you can switch off, so that essentially I could buy a PAL one here in the UK and be able to do all the online stuff, but at the same time also get imports for stuff I can't be arsed with online? And is the Wii chip effective killing all known protections dead?
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The first DMC game I ever played was 2, and I thought it was awesome - then I read on the internet, source of all knowledge, that it was really bad and disappointing and worse than the sequel, and etc etc.  I was wondering what the hell was wrong with people until I got around to picking up the first one, then I totally got it. 

Holy crap, I love the DMC series.. confirmation of the 360 release was one of the games that tipped me into finally getting one.  That, and Orange Box, Command and Conquer 3, Oblivion and Fallout 3 next year.  No, I'm not a big fan of playing games on the PC, either :)
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