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Subject: Macross Valkyrie: Old and New
I love the Macross Valkyrie, I think it's the most intelligent 'transformer' ever made, with a design as functional as realistic.  I met a guy recently who was really into transformers, and I hated the things: they were designed to look like real vehicles first, with robot appearances a definite afterthought.  When in robot mode they just look stupid.

The Valkyrie, though, looks great.  It also has the half-robot half-plane Gerwalk mode that looks cool as well.  Take that, you fuckugly transformers!

Anyway, there's a new Macross series in Japan called Macross Frontier, and they released a new Valkyrie design, using the original colour scheme.  This makes comparison easy, and that's what you'll find below.

I like robots, OK?  Shush.

[Image: /grafx/toys/Valkyrie-Macross-1.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/toys/Valkyrie-MacrossF-1.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/toys/Valkyrie-Macross-2.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/toys/Valkyrie-MacrossF-2.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/toys/Valkyrie-Macross-3.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/toys/Valkyrie-MacrossF-3.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/toys/Valkyrie-Macross-4.jpg]

[Image: /grafx/toys/Valkyrie-MacrossF-4.jpg]

While I think the old design is just brilliant, the new one really appeals to me as well.  Ideally I'd have both, parked in the yard, ready to rain destruction, or commute to work.

Both of these toys have been re-released recently, for the entirely reasonable <cough> price of ~$125 each.

You can see tons more pics here:

New Valkyrie

Old Valkyrie

I've blathered on about these silly things before:
Great art
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