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Subject: Microsoft's Plot: Where is it?
Microsoft has totally lost the plot.  It's a fairly typical problem for large, old companies: they forget that their goal is to make products people want and sell them to as many people as possible.  Instead they think they can control their industry, forcing people to dance to their tune, and lock them into an upgrade cycle.

Case in point: Windows XP.

Microsoft wants to sell Vista, no matter if its an appropriate product for the market.  Netbook makers are forced to limit the power of their machines in order to bundle them with XP, or Microsoft won't sell it.

I cannot see how this makes sense on any level: They're actively discouraging their customers from buying the product they want.  By some accounts the OEM price for Vista is lower than XP, so Microsoft is, in effect, demanding that the manufacturers pay less money for a product they don't want.

Check this out: Fudzilla lists the restrictions placed on OEMs wanting to sell XP:

  • HDDs cannot be larger than 16GB (Flash) or 160GB (standard)
  • No more than 1GB RAM
  • No more than 1GHz CPU, except for a selected list
  • 10.2" max screensize (depending on class)

From a business evolution perspective it was quite easy to see this coming: MS locks their customers up with strict requirements, as they always have.  But how perverse is the result?  They're now forcing a new segment of the market (netbooks) to cripple their machines, either with slow hardware, or an inappopriate OS (Vista).

Fuck Microsoft.
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I happen to be typing this forum reply on one of those machines that Microsoft inadvertently created a market for. My Asus Eee doesn't run Windows, but I am using it to run a Remote Desktop session over an SSH session to a Windows XP machine on a wired network. Neither machine has a processor that exceeds 1 Ghz of clock speed, and neither one needs it.

I've been waiting my whole life for a computer like this. Predecessors like the HP Omnibook were excellent, but also too expensive and not entirely compatible. Netbooks are affordable beneficiaries of the long years of PC standardization that Microsoft has been driving, and which will ironically lock them out of the market. For around $300, I have a fully functional PC with all the performance I need to work or to play, and no moving parts to wear out since there's no need for a spinning hard drive or a rotating fan.

I'm not a Microsoft hater, nor am I an ardent fanboy. I recognize that Microsoft had an important role to play in technology, and I'm grateful that their presence in the business world made the last ten years of my career possible. But I feel neither ill will nor any special attachment. When Microsoft falls,  I won't mourn them but I won't miss them.
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