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Subject: Apple threatens to sue Palm
Apple has made noises about suing Palm after the guy who designed the iPhone went to Palm to make a better iPhone.

For you kids who don't know, Palm used to be a huge, huge player in the PDA field, with their nigh-ubiquitous Palm Pilot.  A period of bad management saw them lose their King of the World crown, but now their new device, the Pre, seems ready to kick some serious Apple ass.

Quote by Fudzilla Article:
In other words if Apple wants to take on Palm it might find that it has breached a few patents of Palm's along the way and it could get itself into a tangled mess.

That's right, Apple you bitches.  Palm's been doing this for a loooong time, and if you want to bring out the patent guns, Palm will no doubt level their own at you.

(As an aside, patents are fucking stupid, serving to restrict innovation more often than promote it.)

I'm gonna get a Pre.  I just bought a new phone last month, but when it gets back from the repair shop (third time lucky, or what?) I'm gonna sell it and wait for the Pre.  It looks absolutely brilliant, with a touch-screen and slide-out qwerty keyboard.  It also multi-tasks, which the iPhone doesn't.  It also has bluetooth, which the iphone doesn't. 

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