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Subject: Post mature weening
I'm coming further and further into the understanding that there are thousands of over 18 year olds who still couldn't even come close to comprehending the term "Self Sufficient"  Thankfully, this rant doesn't apply to everyone, but I can certainly guarantee there are a heck of a lot of people you know who fall in to this one. 

What the feck am I on about?  This doesn't make any sense.  I'll clarify it to you.  An adult, when issued a challenge, faces up to it, figures it out and forces it to a more ideal situation.  The weeners are people who when issued with a challenge start crying, similarly, if they are hungry or want milk they start crying. 

What's worse is most of these weeners are busy complaining about and arguing with their parents for all the "Terrible things they have done"  Like you know, putting food on their table for the last 18 years, paying their rent and accomodation for the last 18 years, providing them school equipment.  Get over it, your parents did great shit for you, but crying now is just making you look like an 18 year old baby.  (Yep, some people out there had tough childhoods, this doesn't apply to them, and heck, I bet the're a lot more manned up than the people mentioned in this rant) 

Course of action, next time someone does a "More hard done by than thou" Be simple, say "Sucks to be you, I've got heaps of (What theyre crying about), and got it through, you know... work.  Figure things the fuck out you little shit." 

Keeping in mind, no one is truly self sufficient, we all need the sun, water, food.  We can "Bash" and "Take" whatever we want out of the world, but what's going to happen, we'll run out of trees and clean water, also everyone will be pretty chipper once we're gone, because we never did anything but use everyone else.  You want a good crop?  You plant it and look after it, you don't go and cry to the nearest person who seems "Less hard done by than you"
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Wow. What prompted that?
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I know his current situation, and the people he refers to.  It's sooo justified.

But yeah - personal responsibility, bitches.  Try it on for a change.
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