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Subject: Try This Game: Dot Action 2
I have maintained for some time that games in the old days were 'casual' games, and that the modern trend of trying to capture the casual gamer (ie: your mom) is nothing more than recognizing the simplicity and appeal of games that don't have complicated controls, wowee-3D graphics. 

Just like the old days.

The thing is, it's hard to go back to the old days, since the old game developers did not have the wealth of knowledge and experience that modern ones do.  Pacman is really kind of dull, DonkeyKong only has four levels, and as time passes we become more aware of how frustrating these games could be.

Enter Dot Action 2.  This is a modern game, played in your browser with nothing more complicated than the same Flash plugin you use on a million other sites.

[Image: /grafx/games/DotAction2.png]

It doesn't look like much: the name Dot Action is an accurate description.  It has no plot, no moving pieces (other than you) and no enemies.  The goal is simple: Collect the blue dots.

That's it.

The thing is, it's brilliant.  It only has five different coloured dots, but it manages to turn these into a fantastic, varied and challenging experience.  It gives you a password after every level so you can come back to it, you can pause it and do other stuff (and work off the frustration after failing a level for the 6th time) and then keep trying.  It's simple, and it's awesome.

Give it a go!

  Up & Down: move cursor
  Space: select
  ← & →: move player
  Space: Jump
  Enter: Pause
  PageUp/PageDown:Volume control
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