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Subject: Capcom Power Stick Fighter
Capcom's Power Stick Fighter is a good looking stick, with a striking case and subtle features.

[Image: http://nfggames.com/system/arcade/arcade.php/dbl-2/y-sf2/z-2/cs-0.0.0/x-CAPCOM%20POWER%20STICK%20FIGHTER]

[Image: http://nfggames.com/system/arcade/arcade.php/dbl-2/y-sf2/z-2/cs-0.0.0/x-FOR%20EXCITING%20ENTERTAINMENT]

[Image: http://nfggames.com/system/arcade/arcade.php/dbl-2/y-sf2/z-2/cs-0.0.0/x-COMPUTER%20GAMES]

[Image: http://nfgcontrols.com/grafx/CPSF-1.jpg]

[Image: http://nfgcontrols.com/grafx/CPSF-2.jpg]

[Image: http://nfgcontrols.com/grafx/CPSF-3.jpg]

[Image: http://nfgcontrols.com/grafx/CPSF-4.jpg]
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