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Subject: Young punks and the Old Guard.
Thanks to Techdirt for the link to Advertising Age where they report on continued cluelessness by old media companies.  Apparently they're outraged that that google doesn't rank them at the top of search results for the content they provide.

One one hand it makes a bit of sense: why wouldn't a search for <famous book> bring up the publisher's page first?  That seems to make sense, doesn't it?

Not to me, and not to a lot of other people.  When I search for a movie, the first thing I want is a review and a synopsis, and guess where Google takes me first?  Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB, which is exactly where I want to be.  I don't want to see the official site, what will I find there?  Unreasonably excited language hyping a product without any sense of accountability or, in the case of a shoddy release, shame. 

Google's doing what's best for the masses, and I don't mean that in the airy-fairy sense that it's linking to the conversation.  It's delivering useful results, and honestly I'm flabbergasted that guys in suits expect anything different.  It's as if the last twenty years - hell, the last ten have gone completely under their radar.

Which, I imagine, they have.

While pressuring Google, one idiot in a suit said:

"You should not have a system [...] where those who are essentially parasites off the true producers of content benefit disproportionately."

Right, the people reviewing your output are parasites.  The people starting fan sites, the people who are buying your stuff are parasites.  That's an awesome business model you've got going there.  How's it working for you?

And every item looks about the same, whether it's a link to Vanity Fair or to, undermining the power of known brands.

Her'es a free clue for every old media provider: you're old and slow and your 'known brands' are 'known' for exactly that.  Also for delivering paid content, lying, false and misleading advertising, poor customer support and a fairly lengthy list of other things that, frankly, make me hate you.

No free rides, assholes.  Get back to work, making products people want to buy.
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Wow, that was an amazing post! I agree completely! :3 Usefulness over corporations!
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