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Is there one? If not, why not?
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Subject: A camera with GPS (question mark)
My usual boredom-spawned flight of fancy without even using google to check if it's already been done.
A simple GPS is fairly cheap, right? Even cheaper with no readout or user-interferable parts.
And compasses have been around for a while, yes?
So wouldn't it be useful if your camera came with in-built GPS and compass that would embed in the EXIF the exact location and direction of each picture, so you could look up location data later, or perhaps the software that came with the camera could link in with a mapping tool or site?
Wouldn't it save you faffing about with pen and paper if you were walking around taking snaps?
Of course, that hot chick may not be there next time you visit, but it's probably worth it for other, more wholesome pursuits, such as remembering where that gym is.
Is there a decent consumer camera with GPS? If so, what's a good one for cheap?
If not, bagsy royalties, and why hasn't it been done?
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It's already done.  My SonyEricsson C905 has an 8 megapixel camera with a GPS that embeds location data in the EXIF.  Nikon's high-end DSLRs (the Dx00 and Dx series) have a port for an external GPS module that does the same thing.  No doubt some other manufacturers do also.

I don't know about point n shoots that do it.

The problem is that a GPS takes a lot longer to fire up and get a lock than a camera does to turn on and snap a picture.  Are you gonna wait for it, or take 50 shots in a row so the GPS is on the whole time?
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Not strictly speaking a camera, but I believe I-phones do it, as well as some other 'top end' mobile phones with gps and a camera. These would classify as a point and shot.
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