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Subject: Bashing the PSPgo, ars style
Quote by Ars Technica:
You can't shop around for the best deal with your games, you'll never be able to sell a game, and the system is completely locked down when downloading a purchase. The controls are more cramped, and Sony has made sure you can only buy their cables. The wireless standard hasn't been upgraded, and the system is significantly more expensive than any of its competitors. When you close the system you see a big, beautiful screen you can't do anything with.

In other words, this system is for people who don't mind rebuying all their content, never buy used games, and don't mind paying more for less. If you're agoraphobic and the idea of driving to a physical store to buy a game is terrifying, this system is for you. So we're looking for a gamer who is both wealthy, and frighteningly antisocial.

I love the OoBE:

  • Turn on system
  • Connect to wireless
  • Must update firmware
  • Download firmware
  • Charge battery before being allowed to install firmware
  • install firmware
  • connect to PSP shop
  • download game

Up to three hours before you can start playing!  Three-piece power cords, no standard connections, PS3 required for bluetooth hookup, can't do anything while downloading, uncomfortable design, outdated wireless, expensive.  I'm not a PSP fan, but this...  Wow, this is hilarious.  Good going Sony. 

The entire ars review is worth reading.

UPDATE: So are the comments, where the article's author replies to a user comment:

User: Sony have pretty much said that its deliberately that high to provide retailers with extra margin...

Author: Sony actually said that to me, and as a gamer it doesn't make me feel better that Sony inflates the price on the hardware to get retailers to stock the hardware so it can inflate the price of games.
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Ars again, with some interesting updates to the PSPgo launch tragedy:

If you are a European customer who purchased a PSP Go, you were given a voucher for your choice of three games. The problem is that many gamers use their PlayStation 3 to download PSP content, and Sony locked the downloads down to whatever system customers use to grab the content. That means that if you used your PlayStation 3 to download the games, you're out of luck.

So yeah, this is just great.  Like the article says this hurts Sony's best customers most: those who already use Sony's services, and already own a PSP and PS3.  New customers who don't have both systems probably aren't aware they can download to the PS3 first, so wouldn't try this immediately.

They also take Sony to task for suggesting but not following through with the idea of somehow getting your old UMD-based games to work on the UMD-less PSPgo, and tie that together with Sony's all-new cabling and peripherals formats, mentioned in the first post on this page:

In terms of taking care of their loyal customers, Sony has locked down the PSP Go with all new media and standards; every customer, no matter what other Sony products they own in the PSP line, will start from zero.

They mention Destructoid's rant as well:

"I have been in my house for an hour... an hour... and I have done nothing but download, rip, copy, install, update, install, rip, copy, install, install and install,"


To his horror, after the Media Go disc installed both Quicktime and an update to Adobe before allowing him to install the actual software, the program needed to be updated before he could use it to manage his content.

How awesome is this kind of thing?  Fuck you, Sony.  You're either idiots or assholes, and I'm not ruling out the possibility that both are true.

Ars closes with a Penny Arcade quote:

"With the PSP Go, the purpose is clear, and in review after review one sees the case built: the system is a campaign of aggression against both retailers and consumers."
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It may seem like I hate Sony, the way I'm always bashing it lately, but the fact is I lavish the dislike on all companies that release products that suck, either by accident or design.  Especially by design, which is Sony's forte lately.  If you keep releasing poorly built hardware that's intentionally crippled (hello DAT, MD, ATRAC, SCMS, PS1, rootkits, PSP) you will continue to enjoy my derision.

Quote by Techdirt:
Sony, Sony, Sony.  This is the same company that has been locking things down for years, and always regrets it.  Way back in 2005, the company admitted that it needed to stop locking down content, and learn to open up more.  The company got a lot of press for that statement... and kept locking stuff down.  Earlier this year, Sony got a ton of press for basically saying the same thing about being more open.  So what does it do?  It goes and releases another device using locked down content.  At some point you have to wonder who's in charge at Sony.

source: Techdirt
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Well, after the thing has been out a while, and the news ain't good.

Sony's new PSP Go video game console is struggling to gain any real traction in Australia, with weekly sales across the country languishing in the hundreds rather than thousands, sources say.

source: The Age

On the other hand, the PlayStation 3 in Australia, which sells for just 50 percent more, has been selling steadily at 10,000 units per week

source: Gamasutra
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Ow my eyes.

Anyways, I don't really understand the whole idea behind the PSPgo. Why not just release any entirely new console that has the ability to download PSP1 games via the Playstation store? Here in Canada, it's $50 cheaper than a PS3. Ridiculous really.

Is this some sort of test for the next generation of home consoles? Steam, Playstation Store, etc... Maximize profits, control prices, eliminate resale. Dupe consumers?
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