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Subject: Attacked by a girl.  It's so weird.
Last weekend was the national jam in Brisbane.  130 traceurs from around Australia gathered to jump and skip around the city, and it was a good time.  On Friday, sixty of us (or so) were doing a little pre-jam tour through the CBD, and while walking through the botanical gardens, we heard a commotion.  A group of young adults were screaming at each other, throwing bottles, and I snapped a quick pic of a guy waving his arms around.

[Image: /grafx/park_psycho2.jpg]

Walking around the path, we were seen by these people, and one girl split off and started following us.  She was waving her arms and screaming profanity at us as she drew closer.  She was young, chubby,and very very angry.  I snapped her picture, and she immediately focused on me as the source of all that was wrong in her life.

She got closer and closer and then was right in my face, thrusting her chest at me and getting all aggressive.  "Why'd you take my picture, ya cunt?  Huh?  What are you doing ya cunt?  Fucking cunt, why'd you take my picture?  Fucking delete it, ya cunt." Over and over.

[Image: /grafx/park_psycho1.jpg]

I just kind of laughed it off and kept walking and BAM she decked me, on the left cheek.  I whacked her hard in the shoulder with the palm of my hand, knocking her back a step, and I think I mumbled something like "You don't think I'll hit a girl?" and she kept freaking at me.  I was completely dumbfounded - she wasn't even chest high on me and she was still coming at me after I shoved her?  WTF.

I put my camera in my bag, and BAM she popped me in the mouth.  What the fuck is going on here?  I held my bag in front of me, so she couldn't reach me with her stubby little arms.  By this time a few of her slightly less psycho friends had joined us, and while one of the guys had me delete the photos I took, the pyscho girl went off and decked Andrew twice, darkening his eye.  (I found out later he was intervening on my behalf, the only person in the group who did.  Thanks Andrew!  He was facing the wrath of a large Maori bloke shortly thereafter...)

The crazy people were separating me from the group, intentionally or not I couldn't say, and there were shouts from the main crowd of "Get back here NFG" and "Don't get separated NFG"...  I took that advice seriously and made damn sure I was back in the group, and we walked away en masse.

Anyway, the majority of the group left, Andrew and I and a few others stayed behind to call the cops (four cars and like ten cops showed up minutes later) and made our report, me with a swollen lip and andrew with his eye, but the girl was gone.  The cops gave us the impression they knew who she was...

I went home and undeleted the photos.  I'm due to give the cops a formal statement soon, and when Andrew made his a few days ago he learned that she was already behind bars for stabbing someone (or attempting to).

It really threw me, this crazy girl.  I assume she was high or something, but the unreasonableness of her actions just stunned me.  I've always assumed I was safe in the city with my camera, 'cause I'm big and look mean, but I never considered that the people around me might be batshit insane.

I went home and got a big hug from Zumi.

Oh, and while waiting for the cops to arrive I was pointing at an eel in the fishpond and it bit me, drawing blood.  That was fucking weird.
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Wow, that sucks when these things happen.

i live a little bit north of Brisbane and have had things like this happen at school a few times. people around here are just stupid insane for no reason, weather its just because there bored or something else i can never understand why or how some people can see this as acceptable behavior.

an example is what happened to me last year. before the end of the year this girl had single handedly turned most the of my year group against me and not only was i getting the kind of rejection you'd expect but it had gotten to the point where i was being attacked on a daily basis with shit like bricks and planks of wood. i am farly strong and quick so i got out of most situations with a few cuts but the why these people went about it was just plain scary, not only did they not see fault in what they were doing but they laughed threw each attack without any regret.

by the looks of that girl in the pic i'd say shes from an area like this and is on a rampage after being sent into the real world >.>

(p.s. nice site, you don't normally see a site of this maturity in this country thats not run by some big corporation)
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