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Subject: Bad day for customers...
We just received a call from a customer of ours.  His small-town operation has seen stock worth $85,000 pilfered from his shop so far this year, and that's apparently not unusual.  This man, a fine gentleman in every sense of the word, is facing the loss of his shops, his house, and most of his possessions as his thieving employees have driven him to bankruptcy.

He says it's been going on for years, but in tough times it gets worse.  It saddens me to think that good people can be ruined so thoroughly by shortsighted asshole staff.

Another just called, dealing with a failed server harddrive.  They've been doing daily backups but they don't work.  They recovered most of the datafiles from the server, but they're corrupted or missing. 

Another customer called with a report that my instructions for solving his problems didn't work.  You fool, I gave you bad advice, why'd you listen to me?  Do it the right way instead.

Another customer called, reporting a new error doing something they've been doing for years, which we didn't even know was possible.  "You can't do that anyway" we said, to which she replied "We've been doing it for years."

Oh, right.  <_<

I may need another coffee.
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