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Subject: This Torchlight thing...
So I'm playing Torchlight, that game everyone's talking about 'cause it's just like Diablo and it's only twenty bucks.  It's by some guys who worked on Diablo, which means nothing to me 'cause I never played Diablo, but everyone loved Diablo and Torchlight's just like Diablo.

Enough about Diablo already, can we not have any game released without saying 'it's just like something else'?  Geez.

I'd been hearing the name Torchlight a lot lately, but it wasn't until Penny Arcade mentioned the send-a-pet-to-trade-in-your-stuff mechanic that I actually thought about playing it.  An action RPG without the annoying bits?  Seemed like a good idea.  Anyway, I'm kind of enjoying it.  It looks the business, and is fun enough. 

[Image: /grafx/games/Torchlight1.png]

It's not all fun n games tho.  There's a lot of inventory management, and really a lot of reading involved before you can come to grips with what's going on with all the kinds of armour and spells and skills and special enhancing gems and even special fish you can catch in certain dungeon pools...  Honestly it gets a little tedious sometimes, but the promise of ultra-awesome super-destructo weapons keeps me coming back for more exploration.

[Image: /grafx/games/Torchlight3.png]

It's single player, which is odd, but apparently the devs thought this made it easier for them to concentrate on the experience.  The development process seems     ideal, to me: Get the game done, always have a playable build handy, and keep bashing away at the core concept until it feels right.  Ars Technica has a short article about the process.  More detail can be found on GamaSutra.

To my eye, the art and playing mechanism is a lot more like World of Warcraft: a low-poly world that runs on all hardware (even netbooks) and textures that look hand-painted.  The result is cartoonish, but attractive for it.  To me, this is the polygon equivalent of good old 2D pixel art.  Fuck realism, these sorts of recognizable and attractive graphics are more appealing to me.

[Image: /grafx/games/Torchlight2.png]

It's kind of a story-light Ys, with more options and less bumping into enemies to kill them.

So yeah, it's fun.  I'm enjoying it. 

Why aren't you?
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