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Why did it take me so long to realize?
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Subject: McDonalds Sucks.
I stopped eating at McDonalds more or less instantly, one day last year when they changed the formula for their fries.  Suddenly they were wretched-tasting and I simply couldn't bring myself to eat them.  It was not a hard thing to give up, in Australia at least.  I'd have had trouble in Japan where the menu changes every month and the variety, price and taste are really hard to match. In Australia I was only giving up food that was, at best, average.

They brought out the Angus burger, which I tried one day a few weeks ago while getting lunch for the office.  With a little extra sauce it's actually quite delicious, and so I didn't mind going back on occasion.  In addition, we live literally across the road from a McDonalds now, and late at night we could get some dessert for a mere three bucks: two apple pies, two soft cones and presto: ice cream and apple pie.  $1.50 each.

Two nights ago we went for this little dessert delight, but found they'd jacked the price up on the apple pie, from a dollar to over two bucks.  Our cheap snack went from three dollars to $5.50, and so we were standing there, debating whether to go for it or not.  We were already disgusted by the clientele: at the local Burger King a few doors down the crowd was similarly low class, but family oriented.  Tattooed moms, scruffy tradie dads, and rampaging kids.  At McDonalds it was different: mostly teens, all of them with worldviews that didn't extend much farther than the tips of their dicks (or tits). 

While we stood there one of these customers, a boy about 17 years old, somehow exploded his just-received coke all over the counter.  Rather than request a new one or apologize or clean up the mess, he just giggled and left the building.  One of the girls who worked there was finished her shift, and on her way out she noticed this fresh spill, which was all over the counter and floor. 

She called it to the attention of a male coworker behind the counter, who promptly found something interesting over at the ice cream dispenser.  She found another girl who was making a determined effort to sit down with her friends.  The girl who was finished, bag over her shoulder and parents waiting in the parking lot, returned and picked up a mop, and gave the floor a few swipes, soaking up much of the coke.  She had to wring the mop out, and again tried to get her coworkers to handle the mess, 'cause she had to go, but no one would help her.

We decided we didn't really want to eat there after all, and I doubt we ever will again.

On the way out we passed this poor girl, who I had seen a few days earlier being very helpful and cheerful to her customers, and I told her I thought her talents were wasted here.  I told her I'd seen her before, and that her levels of professionalism and cheerfulness were far beyond what her coworkers could offer, and that she should try and get a better job ASAP.

To her credit she tried to defend her workplace and coworkers, but seemed genuinely pleased to know someone had noticed, and was on her side.

So it cemented in my mind something I never really noticed when I was younger, no doubt because I was one of these self-absorbed awful kids: McDonalds appeals to a demographic that I am not a part of any longer.  The people and staff, while generally miles ahead of the poor unhappy girls at KFC, are rarely of a high calibre.  I think I'll be making a rather serious effort to never eat McDonalds again, outside of Japan.  It won't be hard: it's been nearly two years before this month's repeated adventures under the golden arches.  I think I'll easily make another two.

Life's too short.
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It's always an interesting experience seeing people wake up to the truth about Macca's. Especially seeing the stuff which goes on behind the scenes (I work at Australia's 2nd best Macca's store).

First of all; I better put in the small amount of defence for McDonald's:
1. Prices on apple pies, fruit bags and such have recently been returned to normal after being part of the 'value choices' menu. There is now a new value choices menu, which contains a very fatty BBQ bacon chsb and  BLT (with nowhere near enough meat, and no cheese).
2. They pay well, especially for older employees.
3. ...


...nope, that's it.
4. They employ some very attractive people. xD

I'll try to list a few of their failings as of late:
1. Angus burger. Yes, the meat probably did come from/pass through an angus cow at some point; but the taste is only different because of the seasoning we put on it (tastes good on seared chicken).
2. Everything is horribly fatty. I have to empty out the grease trays at the side of the grills, and believe me, it's a strain on the arms just to lift those things when they're full.
Of course, I could go on list all the things which Macca's does wrong now; but that would draw the attention of their corporate assassins. And I don't have the time (neither do you).

Essentially Macca's is a large bag of fail marketed very cleverly. But this doesn't mean you should be heading to all the other fast food places! I have  afew friends that work at HJ's, where the burgers are better (by better, they mean microwaved). And despite KFC's brilliant anti-hangover properties, it still manages to beat even the fish and chip shops at greasy-ness.
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