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Subject: Music: WTF Happened?
Present Day music is really shitting me...

Music back in the day might not have been good but at least the performers had some actual talent. They didnt just put a basic drum track on loop and feed their voice through an auto-talker. That's what really annoys me, "artists" like T-Pain, Chris Brown and Generic Rapper #23. People have told me of what great singers they are, and I just loose it. I can't believe people actually think thats talent! All their songs are either about how they smoke weed every day and smack their ho's or it's about them loosing their girl.

Now I'm not just attacking rap and pop music but its just reaalllllllllly bad.
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I would imagine that pretty much everyone thinks the current music isn't as good as the old stuff.  I think it's a matter of filtering the good stuff through the seive of time.  There's a ton of shit released, in a year the real rubbish is gone, five years later there's a little less, and so on.  After twenty years, the only artists anyone remembers are the best ones, and suddenly it seems as if music was so much better twenty years ago.

As I get older I find that all new music has to compete with all my old favourites.  It's harder and harder to pick up new stuff, 'cause the old stuff is still pleasing me.
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I think that NFG has hit upon the truth of the matter there...
It's also harder to find older bad music due to the lack of internets back then... :P

But there are also many exciting new artists coming out; it's just they don't get mass following because they ARE different, and people are scared to say they like them.
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