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Subject: Ironclad: Brikin'ger MVS Cartridge...
First, the history: Back when Neo Geo Freak magazine was still printing in Japan, back when the Neo Geo CD system was still seeing ports from the cartridge system, SNK advertised and later released a Saurus shooter called Ironclad: Brikin'ger.  It wasn't a very good game, but the adverts looked brilliant and I tried to pick up a copy when it was first released.  It saw a very very limited run, and despite having people in Japan checking gameshops and trying to order it for me, I never found a copy.  I never saw a used copy, in all my years of looking.  This was, without question, one of the rarest games for the Neo Geo, certainly the rarest for the Neo CD.

The game was also shown at a game show for the Neo Geo arcade system, but it was never released, and would have sunk into obscurity if it weren't for this CD release, and for the occasional rumour of some hoarding Neo fanboy mentioning that he had a copy or knew someone who did but no, they're not giving you a copy and no, they're not showing it to you and no, you can't come over and see it.

So yes, it's rare.  Recently it was released on the Wii as part of Nintendo's WiiWare lineup, and shortly after this release a prototype copy of the game showed up on Yahoo auctions in Japan.

I thought this was remarkable and was surprised to find it didn't sell for any more than the $400 asking price.

Well, a recent post from MooglyGuy helps explain this sudden occurence and unusually low price: it seems there are now ROMs of the game floating around, made from the WiiWare copy of the game.  I'd bet solid money this cart was made from these WiiWare ROMs, and that it's not a proto or release version of the game suddenly, coincidentally turning up.

Here's the saved Yahoo auction.

MooglyGuy goes on to say that as far as he's concerned this particular dump will (and should) probably never be supported in MAME, 'cause of the chance it was modified by/for Nintendo, and since Nintendo very zealously and aggressively defends their IP with lawsuits and other nastiness.  MAME would much prefer to avoid that sort of attention, and for good reason.
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