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Subject: A small collection of game music: Shooters
The other day I was telling Zumi how awesome the old video game music was, and we skimmed through some MegaDrive tunes.  It turns out some of the greatest game music ever made was written for shooters, for the ol' MegaDrive and arcade and Playstation, etc.

So I set about putting together a small collection of the best stuff.  It wasn't always easy to gather the right tracks, but I spared no expense!  I tried a Nomad, then MegaJet, and finally a CDX, to get the best sound quality I could from Sega's 16 bit hardware. 

Some tracks have had a hard life - the Raiden DX tunes were recorded from a PS1 to MiniDisc, then to PC years later...  They have a bit of a buzz to 'em but sound otherwise as they should...  The muted, low-frequency sound is how they actually are, it's not a bad recording.  A shame really, 'cause Raiden DX has one of the best soundtracks secreted away behind an unlockable menu option...  I had to use a gameshark and an elastic band to make these recordings.  You better love 'em!

Some others are recorded from emulators (1943 via MAME) and a couple from CDs (Thunder Force) and a few I just found on my harddrive, origins unknown (the Raiden and Raiden 2 tracks).

Most songs are MP3s, but there are a few OGG files in there as well.  Don't be frightened by them - smaller space and better sound quality, with the tiny drawback of not working on big-name portable music players.  Works fine on most iriver and chinese devices, as well as within Windows or MacOS or whatever.

The playlist:

  • MUSHA Aleste - Full Metal Fighter
  • MUSHA Aleste - Theme Of Musha Aleste
  • Elemental Master - 1
  • Elemental Master - 4
  • Elemental Master - 23
  • Thunder Force III - 0
  • Thunder Force III - 2
  • Thunder Force IV - Intro
  • Thunder Force IV - 8
  • Wings Of Wor - 4
  • Wings Of Wor - 7
  • Raiden DX NEW VERSION Stage 1
  • Raiden DX NEW VERSION Stage 2
  • Raiden DX NEW VERSION Stage 4
  • Raiden - GALLANTRY(ROUND1-4).mp3
  • Raiden 2- LEVEL5.mp3
  • Raiden 2 - LEVEL2-8.mp3
  • Raiden 1 - GALLANTRY(ROUND1-4).mp3
  • Xanac - Main Theme (Sawtooth Remix).mp3
  • Thunder Force 3 - 1
  • Thunder Force 3 - 2
  • Thunder Force 3 - 3
  • Thunder Force 4 - 1
  • Nexzr - Track 3
  • Nexzr - Track 5
  • Nexzr - Track 12
  • Dangun Feveron - Soul Supermarket (BGM Stage 4)
  • 1943 - Stage 1
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You missed Zuntata's Darius tracks. I've always thought Darius Gaiden had some of the best shooter music.
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I gotta say I really don't like Zuntata's stuff, as a rule.  Their shmuptunes always sound like elevator music, where I want something energetic and driving.  You can't compare ThunderForce or RaidenDX to anything Zuntata makes.  I recognize that a lot of people like their stuff, and I love what they did with Taito's puzzle/platformers, but their shooter music blows.
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I would have also included Axelay, Metal Black, Battle Bakraid, Super R-Type, Pulstar, Sol Feace and Viewpoint.
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