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Subject: Fear makes republicans.
I had a bit of an epiphany the other day.  First, a brief bit o' background:

It seems to me that, using the labels of American political parties with which we are all familiar, democrats believe in the system, and republicans believe in a special rule for every occasion.  A democrat seeks to create a better mechanism to serve every situation, a republican believes that large systems don't work, and instead wants local rules for local situations.  Does that make sense?

My epiphany was this: A republican is a democrat who has suffered a personal tragedy and is now afraid.  He seeks to have rules, often insane, unworkable rules, created to protect him.  Consider the Lori Drew case.  She was the woman who, it was alleged, befriended and then was mean to a teen girl who committed suicide as a result.  Prosecutors, who I label as republicans in this example, sought to make it illegal to be mean to people online.

How the fuck does that even make sense?  It's an unworkable and unenforcable rule that would lead to a fairly significant amount of legal action in a very short time.  But that's what happens to reasonable people.  Something bad happens to them and holy fucking shit it's a crisis.  Something's got to be done, right now!  Lori Drew was mean, we must make that shit illegal before someone else does it!

I think this demonstrates fairly succinctly our inability, as a society, to accept that occasionally there are things we cannot change, and that life is - frankly - completely unfair much of the time.  Life sucks, move on.  I guess it's natural to try and protect yourself, but I think it'd be a pretty big step for us, as a society, to take it on the chin and get on with our lives, instead of trying to create insanity in a vain attempt to child-proof the universe.
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