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Subject: Hori's new Real Arcade Pro V3 SA
Hori's newest joystick was released Dec 24, 2009.  It's the lates in the Real Arcade Pro series, and the first to feature significant changes since the first RAP came out. 


The Real Arcade Pro V3-SA is designed to feel like a chunk ripped from an arcade cabinet (much like the Mad Catz stick is cloned from a Taito cab).  It's wider, shorter, shallower than the old RAP sticks.  I think the choice to put the stick so close to the buttons is a bad one, I'd rather see some the stick shifted t'wards that vast expanse of empty black space on the left...  Perhaps though it plays well.  I imagine it must, Hori generally know what they're doing.

It's otherwise a standard stick, with the standard Sanwa parts (I prefer Seimitsu myself):
  • JLF-TP-8YT-SK Stick
  • OBSF-30 Buttons

There are three other interesting changes:
  • The cable can be tucked into a storage compartment from the back side (the storage cover has a notch so it can be closed with the cable hanging out)
  • The top hangs over the sides, so you can pick it up more easily.
  • It has dual-speed autofire: 10 & 20 shots per second.  The old stick had only 20.

The stick is considerably lighter than the old RAP (2.2kg vs 2.6) which makes me suspect it doesn't have as many metal components (top and bottom plates) as the old stick.  400g is a lot of lost weight.  Hori's page doesn't mention it.

The days of reasonably priced joysticks are long over, and this one is an unsurprisingly expensive ¥12,800 ($140 USD).
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I have this stick, it's my first arcade stick in this class so I can't really make any fair comparisons, but it feels very responsive.

The stick being close to the buttons isn't necessary but it also doesn't hurt anything as the stick doesn't extend that far.

Works great for PS3 play or anything on your PC including some good MAME action (only if you have the original arcade boards, of course ;) )

I still want to try Seimitsu buttons so I'll probably pick up a stick or mod another one but I don't think I'll be modding this one until I have my training wheels off from working on a mad catz stick.
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