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Subject: Nintendo vs Brisbane Man: People are Retarded!
So recently a man who lives about five minutes down the road from me settled on a 1.5 million dollar payment to Nintendo for leaking a copy of Super Mario Bros. Wii before the release date.

OK, dumb move.  And settling out of court?  Why did you do that?  I wouldn't mind knowing what happened during that meeting with Nintendo's lawyers.

Anyway, retarded: the people commenting on this are mind-blowingly retarded.  I can't get over it.

One Sydney Morning Herald reader says:

Maybe if they made these games cheaper, they would actually sell more of them. Handheld consoles are a kind of dongle, afterall.
What?  How does that make any kind of sense?  It was a Wii game, not a DS game.  Nothing to do with handhelds, and what does a dongle have to do with reducing prices anyway?  Whatever logic spawned this garbage seems to have been lost before he started typing.

Congrats to Nintendo. If you're too poor to afford a game, you should be working, not be wasting time illegally downloading or playing them.
You moron.  He got the game while at work, and he didn't download it, he distributed it. 

Call me old fashioned, but if they can't pay they may have to do jail time right?
What the hell?  What does being old fashioned have to do with this?  You FUCKING IDIOT.

It isn't much smarter over on the website:

we should boycott this multi nationals product. Feel the Iron Fists of Damnation!
Huh?  Are you a comic book character?

He's a thief, period. It's no different than having your home burgled. If you don't want to pay the price of a game it's simple, you don't buy it. I can't afford a brand new car but it doesn't give me the right to go out and steal one.
Way to parrot the industry line, moron.  Copying is nothing like theft: no one loses anything.  Nintendo still has the original code, EB still has the game on the shelf, and the guy who bought it had his (until a REAL thief burgles his home and takes it!).  Copying stuff is the act of duplication: more of something is nothing like taking something away from you.

What about highly overpriced games? Don't they ripping us off, making children addictive for their stupid games, dumbing down future societies. I woud not be suprised if in 10 years we would see a cigarette type class action against these stupid organisations.
Oh come on, first you're upset about the high price of games, and in the same breath you're complaining that games 'make children addictive'?  You fucking idiot, you can't make up your mind or even make sense!

To put it bluntly he cant legally pay the fine anyway, as doing this breaks the Currency Act 1965 which states all legal tender must be made of "gold / silver". Therefore, since none of this exists at face value he cannot pay. To do otherwise he is breaking the law. Plus the Commonwealth Copyright Act 1965 does not apply in the State of Queensland since the Brigalow Corporations Act was passed which means Queensland is independant to the Commonwealth - oops they dont want you to know that.
I wonder how far this attitude takes you in life.

You are right in saying you get less for murder.

However as an organisation Nintendo could have lost that money in sales. Good for them to stand up and catch the guy.
What the hell are you thiking?  You agree that he's paying more than a murderer might, but you're happy that he's being financially ruined because Nintendo could have lost that money in sales?  You know it was the biggest, fastest selling single-platform game EVER, right?  No, you probably don't.

1.6M total fines and costs - hah! he got off lightly
What?  WHAT!?  How does that make sense in your mind? 

A 24 year old, that is focused on Computer games, ergo doesn't have a life, or much of a work ethic. I think he will earn $1.6M in aobut 45 years...
A 24 year old that plays computer games can't have a work ethic?  Then how's he going to make that money, old man?  Go back and sit on the fucking verandah.  Geez, you're embarassing yourself.

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LOL dude! It sucks that the guy has to (wrongfully) pay Nintendo, but there's no need to rage at the retards on the Internet. If you don't agree with something someone says, you can just ignore it. I'd bet $20 that the people you're complaining about don't even read this site, making this an exercise in futility.

Also, it's a video game (albeit a very good video game). It's not really important in the grand scheme of things and something I certainly wouldn't choose to have a heart attack over. Furthermore it's a mainstream game released for one of the most mainstream consoles. It doesn't run on obscure arcade hardware, it's not a rare or foreign game, and it's not old. So why are you even writing about it? 0_o

If that came out rude, I'm sorry. Chalk it up to the tone-eating monster of the Internet.
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ComputerWorld once noted that e-mail made correspondents out of people who rightfully shouldn't have been trying to put together a complete sentence. In the same way, web forums make reporters out of people who have no ability to obsreve the world. I think this is the point of NFG's argument, not that the game itself has any particular significance.

I remember a story of an office worker who had an inappropriately active interest in pornography at his workplace.  Somebody asked him to consider the possibility that one of the lovely young women he was ogling might have been a relation or the daughter of a close friend, which is a point that's obvious to most thoughtful peple but not to this particular person. This fresh view put an end to his public enjoyment. Whether or not the subject is games, the general public is almost never taking enough time to consider possibilities and perspectives before shooting their mouths off.
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Cadpig: Yes, there's no reason to rage, and I could ignore them, but I don't know that keeping my righteous outrage bottled up is healthier.  I know they're not going to read it, and I'm not trying to change anything here.  I don't read mainstream news comments often.  These comments stunned and saddened me quite a bit.

As for why I write about it...  The forum is Games (General).  Reasonably sure it's on-topic.  =)

Kendrick: First paragraph is right on the mark, as usual.

Second one...  Porn in the workplace is something that I'm not really prepared to condemn or defend at this time, but the rationalization for not watching seems flimsy to me.    The idea that the coworker would be upset when seeing their daughter in a video seems antiquated, as if porn's still a dirty, shameful thing we seek to avoid.

Aren't we over that by now?
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Forgive me, I failed to articulate how the first point related to the second. I have no particular strong opinion on porn, but I personally understand that there are human beings at work producing and performing in it. Many who enjoy porn in any form don't necessarily make this connection, if only because doing so would impede their enjoyment of it. It's a willful form of denial that's also at work when people post their own narrow view on a web forum that doesn't account for other views.

I will cheerfully ignore the implications of the fact that I am posting my opinion on a web forum at this very moment. :)
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I think at some point we have to accept that it's not a good idea to write everything with all viewpoints considered and accounted for.  Rather, we should read as if the author is not willfully trying to fuck us over, but is instead making a point without a thousand qualifications and clarifications and acknowledgements.  It's easier in the long run to be tolerant than insist everyone who speaks about something you're passionate about include your POV.

...Did I just negate the first post in this thread?
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No, I think if you can't make a point without feeling the need to pat everybody on the head and avoiding conflict or disagreement, i.e. actual debate, then you're entering "everyone gets a medal" territory, which isn't healthy for anyone.
"...either stop and think or fuck right off" (TheOutrider)
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I do think it is possible to assert a strong, unambiguous opinion without sounding inconsiderate. In fact, it's generally a mark in your favor to continue to have such an opinion after acknowledging a competing or opposite point of view. It's evident that the many people quoted by NFG in the first post of the thread have made no such acknowledgment.
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A throwaway comment on a recent kotaku article reveals Nintendo settled for 'significantly less' than 1.5 million.  They won't say how much, of course, but my instinct suggests that this guy probably settled out of court after agreeing to a very minimal (if any) monetary settlement with Nintendo, on the condition that he remains silent about them dropping the amount later.

Makes sense, and isn't really at all surprising.  Send a message to other potential pirates, without cripping a young man for life (and then some).
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