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Subject: Iphone: Star*Burst
Back in the early nineties, Atari released a game in the arcades called Klax.  It was utterly fantastic, and it introduced a few new concepts to the 'match three' game style.  Conveyor belts, a stackable player paddle, and fantastic presentation.  Each colour tile had a unique sound, and they'd scream if you dropped them.

Mark Stephen Pierce was one of the two guys who made Klax, and his game company, SuperHappyFunFun Inc, recently released StarBurst (Star*Burst?) for the iphone.  I bought it without hesitation. 


The problem with this game is simple: It's fucking hard to control.  You can slide the paddle or tap the column (there are five) to jump to, and then tap the paddle to launch a tile skyward.  The problem is it's all too easy to tap the paddle when you meant to move to the next column, or move when you meant to launch a tile.  It's maddening to play, and that really pisses me off 'cause the game is super in every other respect.  It looks good, sounds good, and is a shining example of how to polish a product and still make it virtually unplayable.


Perhaps someone with smaller digits can make it work.  I know it's a game that I want to play, but simply cannot, and that makes me sad.  Klax was great, I think I'll go play that.


The original Klax (img stolen from here)

itunes link
developer site
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