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Subject: QR Codes & Telstra
A long time ago I made a QR Code generator.  It was well received at the time, even making boingboing in 2004, and was an Opera webpanel until I broke it and they pulled it down...

It was also focused on Japan, 'cause six years ago the rest of the world wasn't particularly interested.  Well, now they're catching up and my QR Code generator needs to be updated with world-friendly inputs.  Currently things like links and contacts are formatted for Japanese phones, and they're done a little differently.

Here, mostly for my benefit, is the format for Telstra phones:

SMS Links automatically create an SMS message with a phone number and message content:
SMSTO:<phone number>:<message>

Contacts use the standard small VCard format:
TEL:<phone number>
EMAIL:<email address>

Interestingly Telstra's URL links are just single HTML addresses, unlike the more or less standardized two-line Name + URL approach used elsewhere.


I'll be re-doing the QR Code generator shortly to include these options.

  • Interestingly Telstra won't let you enter FUCK, FUCKING, FUCKER or XXX as web addresses.  It's kind of dumb about it though: XX works, XXXX works, and FUCKX works.  Their kill-list is small and, IMO quite bizarrely applied to this tool.


Telstra's QR Code generator is here.
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