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Subject: Sony's MagicCon finally revealed!
It's easy to believe I'm anti-Sony, when all I seem to do is bash their dumbass ideas and their lame-duck console.  I'm really not, despite their inability to get their act together and release compelling products like they once did.  If they get sorted and release something I want to buy, I'll happily babble about their awesomeness.

Sony keeps trying to entice, but all I can see is how they're following the crowd, yet again.

Quote by Arstechnica:
The demos included archery, boxing, and golf, all of which are things we've seen on the Wii,

Quote by Gamasutra Commenter:
"We always wanted to provide something for everyone. That's why it's a very key target for the system development for PlayStation Move; we wanted to capture both core gamers and casual gamers," said Yoshida

^^^^ That wasn't what Sony was saying to the masses back in 2006. :)

No kidding.  It's quite a turnaround from Sony's past we're so hardcore stance.

Quote by Fudzilla:
Greeted with big yawn

Take a Wii controller, add a little Sony style, and this is what you get.

Sony's MagicCon patent info & discussion.

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Kotaku have done a gigantic wank over one of the things for it, I think it's called Move Party, which provides some nice tactile feedback but, other than that, it seems as you say; an about-face of marketing policy and some blatant me-tooism that's about two years too late. I seriously doubt the people who've bought a Wii as their first family console or first in years are interested in augmenting their under-telly space with a competing product.
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