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Subject: Cyclone
Everybody okay over there? The US news is reporting on the cyclone, and my estimation is that it's not remotely close to where my favorite Aussies live, but I thought I'd ask anyway.
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Cyclones typically hit the northern east coast of Australia, far away from Brisbane.  At most, we get some solid rain, but so far this time, even though it's farther south than usual, there's nothing but light clouds.
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Yeah, no sweat Kendrick. Us in Canberra are fine, actually, we could use a little more rain! Thanks for checking though ;)

Actually, I'm amazed you heard about it, didn't realise it was big enough for world notice. Or did you read online?
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It actually got some coverage on CNN for a day. One reporter wisely noted that certain trade disputes might drag on longer as a result of bad weather disrupting face-to-face meetings or other communication.

As much as I deplore the state of American media, I do have a continuing respect for CNN. One of the things they do more of than their competitors (though less than they did in the past) is present world events without regard for whether or not those events are interesting. Just because I'm not entertained, doesn't mean that what's being reported isn't also news. Fox, MSNBC and Bloomberg go for sensation and scandal and forget that it's important to have news of record. So maybe the world didn't care yesterday that there was a cyclone in Australia, but maybe scientists a century from now might like to know.
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That cyclone was FUCKING AWESOME! I was out in the hail and torrential rain, dressed up to the nines for a picnic on a sunny day... whoops! But yeah, awesomesauce...
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