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Subject: RAW converter
Is there a RAW converter that can batch capture (like do multiple images at once)? Rather then spending an hour or so going through each and every photo saying, oooooooooooh can you please turn into a jpeg? k thanks!

I'm using XDepth RAW at the moment, but it's a bitch going through each photo :P
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There are many, I think.  The problem is, most cost.  On the bright side, most have a free trial.  I recommend: Bibble Pro 5, ACDSee Pro 3, SilkyPix.

There's also Raw Therapee, which is totally free, and the newest versions have batch processing (older ones did not).

All of these programs work very well, with very different strengths and weaknesses.

ACDSee doubles as a fantastic photo manager, with tags and categories and it's blazing fast.

Bibble is legendarily good, with incredible control. 

SilkyPix is now bundled with Panasonic's cameras, but I find it is geared t'wards the amateur more than the rest.

Raw Therapee is the weakest of the lot, but is open source as of January, and probably better for it.  Also free.
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In reply to post #1
There is Picasa, I believe you can do batch work with that.

You can use Bridge, that comes with Photoshop, or just make actions in Photoshop.

And there is Adobe Lightroom, which is the only program I use for that kind of stuff.

Picasa is free, from Google.
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In reply to post #2
Adobe's Lightroom does this naturally, and well.
Of course it's probably the most expensive of the bunch, but works in sync with Photoshop etc.
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If you are not doing much processing but just want to view, convert, resize, add text/watermark etc, there is also FastStone.
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If you're using a Canon, Digital Photo Professional supports batch conversions from CR2 to TIF or JPG. It comes with the camera. Or you can record a macro in whatever you're using.
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