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Subject: Sending SMS to Korea
Howdy, maybe some folks on this here place might know, I'm trying to send an SMS to a Korean mobile from the UK.
The number is like this: 8210 3xxx xxxx
I've found out that the 82 is the Korean in code, so presume that the mobile number must start 010 and the leading 0 has been left off, which is also correct according to the rules of sending SMS to any other country.
I have added the + symbol to the start of the number, or in other words the UK out code i.e. 00.
The SMS doesn't go through, at least it sends but is not received.
Has anyone got any ideas?
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Subject: I know
The mobile operator, you are subscribed in must be able to provide SMS service to S. korea first.

It is most likely that the operator does not even provide SMS service to S. korea As s.korea is not in GSM standard.

Second most likely, though it provides SMS to S.korea its quality may be so poor As international SMS service of which qulaity is not sometime verified as throughly As phone 2 phone SMS connection between mobile operators in U.K and the SMS hub which provides SMS service to mobile operator might have gone temporailiy out of the service.

As the chance of failure in delivery to other countries increases as in the number of SMS has to be stopped to be forwared to other networks increases, but since you would not be noticed and there is no way you can find that out from mobile opeartor nor from the service provider of international sms to mobile operator, it is best recommended to use the website to send SMS to S.korea.

Because using the website lessens the number of times the SMS has to go through each stops of the network of hub connections.

Anyway, If you agree with me and want to send SMS that works to S. korea even if that involves using SMS.

it will cost you about 0.02 USD A SMS

please make a visit to below 2 website. - for foreigners, website in english, send to S.korea supported.  - for anybody who can read and understand Korean, website in Korean , Send / Recieve SMS to/from S.korea, value added messaging service supported.   - Any questions , appreciated.
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