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Subject: China set to kill us all
According to this Wired article China seems set to tell the rest of the world to fuck right off, they'll pollute the universe if they want to.  Apparently since it's industrialized countries that produce the most pollution, China - as a developing nation - should be allowed to produce as much as they need to 'to reduce poverty'.

If it wasn't so deadly serious it'd be laughable.  The Chinese themselves are responsible for the poverty, and even as a developing nation they're already creating nearly as much pollution as the USA. 

So, what's the deal then?  They'll just become the world's largest polluter because they can?

In talking to people inside China I've come to realize that the people there are not a unanimous mass, they bitch and moan and rail against the powers that be, and they care about pollution.  I wonder how they'll be taking this news.

Quote by From the Article:
China's stunning economic growth means it accounted for 58 percent of carbon emissions worldwide in 2000-06, the International Energy Agency said in a report this week.
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They'll probably at least try to fudge the figures by presenting them per capita instead while pointing the finger at Australia being the heaviest per capita polluters due to the fact that about 4 people live there.
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