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Your out-of-date shit is wack
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Subject: Studying
So ok, I'm in the UK but studying by distance from Tafe in NSW because it suits me better i.e. I don't wish to attend lectures because I actually want a job, and I don't want to be roped into a one or two week residential in the grim North surrounded by people who refer to each other as "lah" and "our kid".

So I get this unit and all the paperwork that goes with it is dated 2002. That's 5 years ago, in case that hasn't sunk in. In my opinion, that's way out of date to study from especially as information management has moved far since then.
They recommend to reference from standard AS4390. In mid-2002 this piece of legislation was superseded by an Australian version of ISO 15489, so to refer to that would be redundant and would only result in me learning material that's 6 years out of date by the time I complete the qualification.
They also recommend I refer to a book that was published in 1998. As above, probably just about workable in 2002, but it's nearly 2008.
There are also numerous typographical errors in the study advisory material, which may not bother some people but it gets right up my nose.
Also, most of the material is written in Comic Sans MS. I had to open the document up and change the font to something used by people for whom the "peecee" isn't still a fun little novelty where we all play at being a desktop publisher before printing it, for my own sanity.

Too many "also"s used in this mini-rant? Also, fuck you :)
"...either stop and think or fuck right off" (TheOutrider)
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